Our Coaches

All of our coaches are very experienced surfers and watersports enthusiasts. They are all commercially licensed boat drivers and CPR/First Aid Certified.


Katie Gagnon

Katie is an experienced wake surfer and wakeboarder. She started wakeboarding at the age of twelve and shortly after fell in love with surfing. She grew up in Belmont, New Hampshire and currently attends Clemson University in South Carolina while majoring in health sciences. Katie wants nothing more than to see others improve in their abilities and have fun out on the water.

Maria Redmond

Maria has been wake surfing on Lake Winnipesaukee for about 5 years and it has become her favorite hobby.  She’s spent her last 12 summers on Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia and this fall she will be going into her senior year of high school in Massachusetts. Maria also enjoys playing field hockey, wakeboarding, and snowboarding which she also coaches in the winter. After her senior year she is aiming to major in criminal justice and forensic science.


Jennine Redmond

Jennine  is a  happy mother of 4 children that has been enjoying her summers wake surfing with her family and friends for 9 years on Lake Winnipesaukee. She has had the pleasure to introduce this amazing sport to many children and adults through the years. Jennine also enjoys running, skiing, and watching American Idol! She very much looks forward to teaching in a relaxed, fun and welcoming lake environment!

Trent Fountain

Trent is an experienced wake surfer and has grown up on Lake Winnipesaukee and Lake Opechee. He loves spending time on the water and with his German Shepard, Finne.  Trent is currently a local marine technician and plans on getting his private pilots license in aviation within the next few years. He also enjoys fishing, playing the guitar, and snow skiing in the mountains. Trent lives for the summer and is always up for a good time on the lake!

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Emily Charleston

Emily is a very experienced water skier who has grown up on Lake Winnipesaukee. She is a full time student at Proctor Academy and talented snow skier as well. Emily also enjoys playing soccer and hiking the New England mountains. She always has a good time on the water and enjoys watching others improve in their skills. 

Ben Charleston

Ben is a very experienced water skier and has grown up on Lake Winnipesaukee skiing with friends and family. He is a student at Boston College and is part of their alpine ski racing team. Ben will be gone for a period of the summer snow ski training at Mt. Hood in Oregon, but will be excited to teach on the water when he is back home in New Hampshire! Ben also enjoys biking and all things outdoors. 

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